Arduino device

Arduino Device 

What is the Arduino?

The Arduino is an open source platform used for creating electronic projects. from it, we can make digital devices and interactive objects. It's designed to read data from sensors and switches, 

Arduino device

The Arduino board have digital input or output pins. Which is able to read inputs and give output. 

The boards have a serial communications interface, including USB in some Arduino models,  Which is used for loading and run programs from the personnel system.

The Arduino is used in different types of project, such as robotics, gaming gadgets, school projects, and musical applications etc. For this you only need to tool related to your project and work is connected to the input pins and get the output according to your written code.

Its software is very easy to use for beginners, yet flexible for the advanced users. Students use Arduino to build a low-cost scientific instrument, Musician, Scientist everyone takes interest in Arduino and make special devices and projects. Today, Ta housing projects are made with the help of Arduino.

Normally people use Arduino board for making a hardware project because it consumes low power, less in cost and makes a project in very easy steps.

If you want to use Arduino, the user needs to done programming by Arduino  IDE  which is available for download in Arduino official website and send to the Arduino board through USB. 
In Arduino doesn't need high-level programming language but you should learn the basic of  Arduino programming otherwise you can't operate it. Normally C and C++ commonly used in Arduino.


  Its available in the market at a very low price compared to the other microcontroller platform. The least expensive version of the Arduino module can be assembled by hand, and its pre-assembled  Arduino modules cost less than $50.

2. Cross-platform

The IDE Software  runs on maximum ora, such as Windows, Mac and Linux etc but we talk about other microcontroller system are limited to Windows

3. Programming language

The Arduino software is very easy to learn and use it for beginners, For operate you need to learn C and C++ language. this language is commonly used in the Arduino programming.


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