Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi? 

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi
Raspberry pi

 What's Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source microcontroller. This device is used to make a project and different type of technical device. from it,

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

we can make digital devices and interactive objects. It's designed to read data from sensors and switches,  and given an output according to the written code.

 What's Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is the single board, tiny and credit card sized computer It's can be used for many tasks that your computer does, play Audio and HD video, play games, make spreadsheets and work related to programming etc.

Arduino Vs Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi device looks like a cell phone motherboard, with the mounted chips and ports.

Comparison of Arduino vs Raspberry Pi.

1.Hardware project vs software project

Both the devices have their own importance. If you talk about p both devices are used to make a project.

when you want to make a hardware project then the Arduino is the best option for it, because its analog and digital pins help you to connect multiple sensors and components that's why pins played a very important role in the creation of hardware project.

   But if you want to make a software project at that time Rasberry Pi is the comes to use for your project. Pi has an Audio, Video and internal features that's why you can modify your software project with the help of music and video. Pi doesn't need to attach external components.

2.Storage in Devices

The Arduino board have only 32 Kb space, space is not available for image, video, apps etc, this space is sufficient to store the code that provides instructions for their project. On the other hand, Raspberry Pi has inbuilt storage, for storage you want SD card in Raspberry Pi, In Pi, you may be used SD card according to your work.

3.USB in Devices

The Arduino has only one USB Port, This port is used for connecting Arduino board to your computer, In Arduino, you are not able to connect another device, such as a mouse, keyboard etc

But In Raspberry Pi, it has 4 USB port, which we can connect other devices, such as router, printer, speaker etc

Arduino board is work like a normal board which is used to connect in your system and writes a code according to your project in the system but, when we use Pi,
 Pi works as a computer motherboard, in which we can add components according to your need.

4.Expanding Purpose

In the field of Expanding, Arduino is better as compared to Pi, The Arduino board has a number of chips, which help to increase the capabilities of the Board with the things like ethernet, Wifi connectivity,
better motor control, speaker and microphone capabilities, a touchscreen, cameras, radio transmitters, graphics processing, and almost anything else you can think of.


Arduino vs Raspberry Pi depends on the type of project you want to make it, They are both pretty cheap, the same size, and look very similar, however, they are very different. In my opinion, Pi is still better as compared to Arduino.

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