SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO in Digital Marketing

In the profession of Digital Marketer, SEO is the primarly goal to learn, Its the first step of a fresher to learn about it, for your success in the future.
SEO in Digital Marketing
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first thing is that What is SEO? and How its work? In this post ,we discuss something about SEO.

what about SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, In this process we make your web page easy to find, easy to crawl, and easy to define in the search engine ,such as Google, Yahoo. Through it you able to helping your customer to find out your  business in the result of thousand others website.  In other words we can say that SEO is the process in which you can getting more traffic in your site, Its basically a concerned with a holistic move toward driving customers  to your site in a few steps.When more traffic is coming in your website via online platforms. one must ensure your website comes in the higher rank  in the SERP. SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. its manage our rank of the page of every website.when you make efforts toward  adding relevant content, choose proper keywords for your content, so as to improve the ranking of your site in the search engine.

 Steps to Improve SEO

  • Keyword Planing
  • Website Design
  • Website Analysis

Keyword Planning in digital marketing

Search keyword for your content is the first step before write any blog. for it you should try keyword planner to find out which keyword has more traffic or not. Normally Search Engine show results basis  that the keywords is the words that an user enter in the search engine to find result, In this case Relevancy plays important role. If you want to get higher rank in the SERP , your keyword is always related to your business otherwise you are not able to get a good rank in the search page.

Website Design in digital marketing

Sometimes we spent lots of time  to make your content , spent money for building a great design, but your design are not audience familiar that's why traffic on your site are not stay. This is the biggest draw back for your website if audience dont like your web design than they take no interest to read your article. A good design may attract a lot of audience and structure is user friendly then you will sustain the traffic in your site.

Website Analysis in digital marketing

Website analysis is the key of the success of your improvement, In which you can analysis your website activities. Google Analystics is the free and universal tool to monitoring your website performance.  Analysis is the another important part of SEO , Trough it you can see your work are going good or bad, and change your strategy according to it, Analysis provide a proper ways to SEO of your business.

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