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Free certificate from google - Hello friends, Today I want to tell about How to get a free certificate from Google in Digital Marketing through Google Digital Unlocked Online training program, that certificate is very important for learning Internet Marketing and earn money through it.

Free certificate from Google
Free Certificate

                Free Certificate From Google

Here to learn Online marketing through a google training program, you get certified under this program and shine your resume with google digital unlocked certificate.

First, I want to tell about a free certificate program from Google in India.

Digital Unlocked               

This program was announced by  Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) during his visit to India in Jan 2017. It was launched in collaboration with the Indian School of Business Hyderabad and  Minister of Electronics and Information Technology, The programme is built across the different formats of offline, online and mobile,

Google free certificate

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Free certificate from Google

If we talk about offline training, Google also has its offline centers, here it will offer 8-hour sessions of small-medium business training, This center is situated in Chandigarh, Haridwar, Jaipur and bhuvneshwar, Jalandhar, Bangalore etc.

Google also provides free Google primer app, It is the part of Digital Unlocked initiatives, in this app you can learn digital marketing, business skills, and small and medium business skills through an app. 

The main aim of this training program to empower the small and medium businesses in India, and touch the lives of around 51 million businesses,  Google has planned to establish 5,000 workshops across 40 cities in the coming 3 years.

through this program you learn digital marketing and earn income, this program is also helpful for reducing the ratio of unemployment in India.

 Digital Unlocked Course Topics   


I Strongly recommend this course to all the youngsters, entrepreneurs, students and businessmen who want to learn the basics of digital marketing. The online course is in the English language, most interesting, very well made, easy to understand, great animation and very well structured.

The training provides tips for how to go online, various digital marketing platforms such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Use of Search ads, Use of Display ads, analyzing their traffic etc
In this, there are 26 topics or badges to master in Digital unlocked.

A. The Online opportunity

Its include 2 lessons in which you learn, How to find out what opportunities exist and how a website, videos or social media could help you reach your goals.

1 Intro to digital Unlocked
2. Your Digital Opportunity

B. Your First steps in online success.

Its provide 4 lessons in which you learn how to set up a clear plan or strategy to achieve your goals and access your results.

1. Your online goals
2.Building your online presence
3. Marketing online presence
4. Analysis and adapt.

C. Build Your presence on the web

In this topic, 6 lessons are available for us. In which you learn how to built website user-friendly and allow the customer to find what they need.

1. Selector choosing your online presence
2. How website work
3. Website important ingredients.
4 websites and your business goals.
5. How to make your website easy to use design do'es or don'ts

D. Connect through Email

This topic includes 5 lessons, In which we learn through email marketing how to connect with your customers from building an email contact, this topic say about the basics of effective email market campaigns.

1. Email marketing basics
2. Your email marketing options
3. Crafting great marketing emails
4. Managing successful email campaigns
5. Measuring success rates in email marketing.

E. Started in Search engine 

In this topic we learn 6 lessons, from this topic you try to understand, how search engine work, how to improve your website or webpage visibility on google search engine rank page, apart from this learn the difference between organic traffic and paid traffic search result and know why advertising on search engine is so effective.

1. Search Engine Basics
2. How Search Engines Work
3. How search engine see the web
4. Organic search explained
5.  Paid search explained
6. Google search console basics

F. Discovered with Search 

This topic contains 5 lessons, In which we learn about how search engine work, how to do search engine optimization for generating traffic on our page or site, this topic also teach how to do develop an adaptable SEO plan, how to use and search keyword for your site or page. Which tools are useful to check SEO measurement on your page
1. Intro of SEO
2. The importance of an SEO plan
3.  The SEO Process
4.  How to choose keywords
5.  Setting realistic SEO goals.

G. Make search work for you

Its contain 3 lessons. In which learn how to optimizing web pages according to Google guidelines for this people can find your content quickly, apart from this you'll learn how to master in content creation, backlinks creation, international SEO and more.

1. Making your web pages friendly
2. How other websites can work for you
3. Cross borders with SEO

H. Be noticed with search advertising

Its have 4 lessons for teaching Search Engine Marketing, these lessons contain a method for promoting your service or product through SEM, In which we learn how to directly connect with future customers through advertising. 
How SEM auction works and which element and method to master so you can create ads for generating traffic quickly.

1. Introduction of SEM
2. The SEM auction
3. What makes a good keyword
4. Make your ads stand out

I.Improve your search campaigns

This topic contains 4 lessons, In which how to get master in research tools and keyword selection or analysis. From this, you will be able to improve and optimize your search campaigns to get maximum value for what you spend.

1. Achieve relevance with good structure
2. Get the most from your keywords
3. Fine-tune with keyword match types
4. How to know what's working and what isn't

J. Start with analytics

Its contain 3 lessons, In which we understand how to use the google analytics tool to measure website traffic, In this lesson, we know about bounce back, impressions, CTR, CPC etc. Through it, you can learn how to utilize analytics data to improve your website and get your goals.

1. What is web analytics?
2. Making analytics work for you
3. Tracking specific goals with web analytics

K. Find success with analytics

This lesson contains 3 lessons to teaching us SEM data and master segmentation techniques, In which you'll able to measure organic search analytics traffic.

1. Web analytics and organic search
2. Tools to measure SEM
3. Breaking down your data for insights.

L. Get notified locally

Its include 2 lessons, From this we know how to promote your business in local through, how to reach more customer toward your business.

1. Marketing to the locals
2. The power of local directories

M. Help people nearby find you online

This topic contains 3 lessons, In which you gain knowledge of how to reaching customers who are physically close to your business, apart from this you learn you get knowledge about, how to get master in local advertising, mobile marketing and much more.

1. Using digital to advertise locally
2. Reaching locals on their mobiles
3. SEO for local business

N. Get Noticed with Social Media

This includes 4 lessons, In which you learn how to get the advantage of social media for promoting your business, and it teaches which social media joining is the best for your presence by engaging with your networks.

1.Social media basics
2 The right social media sites for you
3. Setting your goals for social media
4. Getting on social media

O. Deep dive into social media

This contains 4 lessons, how to advertising on social media platform can be a powerful addition to your business, apart from this you get knowledge about how to measure success so that you can optimize future social content.

1. Your long-term social media plans
2. Advertising on social media
3. Measuring success in social media
4.  Avoiding social media pitfalls

P. Discover the possibilities of mobile

In this 3 lesson available for us, from this, you understand the importance of mobile devices in the digital marketing field, learn about the difference between mobiles sites and mobile apps apart from this in this lesson we learn which type of mobile marketing is best for your business.

1. The evolution of mobile devices
2. Understanding mobile web and mobile apps
3. Understanding mobile apps

Q. Make mobile work for you

In this topic you learn 5 lessons, from this you know about the tools and option available for a mobile marketing campaign. Apart from this, you learn which keyword is best for your mobile marketing campaign, learn how to set search, video, display campaign on mobile sites.

1. Intro to ads on mobile
2. Search campaigns for mobile
3. Display campaign for mobile
4. The social media campaign for mobile
5. Video for mobile

R. Advertise on another website

In this topic, 3 lessons are available, through this topic we get to know about the benefits of search ads, display ads and both search with display search engine ads. How to find the right audience for your ads campaign, 

1. What is display ads?
2. Search ads vs display ads
3. What is ins and outs of display 

S. Deep Dive in Display Ads

In this topic, you see 3 lessons, from which we learn how to make succeed in display advertising, know the correct meaning of retargeting in digital marketing.
1. Making display ads meet your goals
2. Understanding ads network
3. How retargeting works

T. Expand internationally

This topic contains 7 lessons, these 7 lessons are sufficient to get your business to promote internationally, in this topic you know the difference between translation and localization and know how to manage all task of it.

1. The intro to international marketing and export
2. Validating your new market
3. Being understood abroad
4. Advertise across borders
5. The support system you will need
6. Helping customers abroad buy your product 
7. Delivering to customers across the globe

U. Make the most of video

This topic includes 6 lessons, from this you learn how to integrate video into your online strategy, plan and produce video according to your budget, and gain knowledge how to promote in the group of right people.

1. The rise of online video
2. How video fits into your online strategy
3. Creating video content within your budget
4. Sharing and promoting your videos
5. Advertising on  video sharing sites
6. Measuring video performance

V. Build your online shop

This includes 2 lessons, in which we learn how to create an e-commerce website, how to effectively sell your product online and learn more thing about e-commerce website. Such as payment method, delivery method etc.

1. Using E-commerce to sell
2. Taking payments and managing orders

W. Sell more online

In this topic, 3 lessons are available, how to promote your e-commerce product in the world through promotions.

1. Creating a smooth e-commerce experience
2. Product promotion and merchandising
3. Retargeting for e-commerce

X. Plan your online business strategy

Its contain 5 lessons, this topic will show you how to create a digital business strategy, impress customers at every point of their experience.

1. The benefits of the online strategy
2. Taking a business online
3. Understanding customer behavior
4. How to stand out from the competition 
5. Using goals to improve business performance

Y. Get started with content marketing

This topic includes 6 lessons, this topic will show you to increase site traffic, organize production and promotion, choose the right format based on your content, you can also learn how to track your content marketing success.

1. Intro to content marketing
2. Get to know your online customers
3. Choosing the right format for your content
4. Writing for online audiences
5. Help your content be seen 
6. Measuring your success in content marketing

Z. Turn data into insights

This topic includes 5 lessons, In which you'll learn about the data cycle, how to right actionable insight from raw data and which tool is useful for maintaining digital data efficiently.

1. Using data to understand audiences.
2.  Understand the data cycle
3. Creating actionable insights from your data
4. Managing numbers using spreadsheets
5. Presenting data effectively

follow Digital Unlocked website
Follow Digital Unlocked website

After completing all 26 badges. There is an objective type of 40 questions in the end based on all the 26 topics you complete during the training program. Once you pass it with 80% or above marks in this exam then you get downloadable pdf certificate like this. 

Unfortunately, you don't get required marks in exam, reattempt service is also available after 24 hrs of the current exam.
In this program,m you learn through 4 to 6 min short videos, followed by an assessment on individual video on the entire lesson. 

Benefits of Google Digital Unlocked Certificate

This certificate is useful for adding extra skills in your resume and creating an additional impression with a recruiter. and upload this free certificate from Google to its LinkedIn profile. that free certificate from Google is providing an idea about how internet marketing works through Visual data available in this training program.

Free certificate from Google
free Certificate

 That free certificate covers all area of digital marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc.

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