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Best Useful Websites

Everyone well known, the Internet has a platform where you find information about all the world. Its the place where you find the most useful website, Some give us knowledge, Some knowledge and so on.  they will help you to become smarter, increase productivity and also the best place to learn new skills. 

Here is the list of few useful websites, these are the most helpful website on the internet for the student, professional etc. This website is useful for reducing working time. If you are a student, so this list is a diamond of your life.

This site is useful for both student and professional. Pdfdrive is a free pdf search engine, where you can search pdf and download millions of pdf files into your device with free of cost. All our services are free for lifetime, don't need to pay anything.

pdfdrive useful website
pdfdrive useful website

Pdf drive is one of the most interesting websites nowadays, At that time, the large number of people get benefit through it, and develop their is well known, important of pdf file in your life.  In another word, we can say that it's your book in a soft copy. To learn through it, for success in your life

Pdf files have cover photos and this makes file looking's take milliseconds to find your pdf files from the server. has a helpful site to remove the background of any image without edit, all process is done 100% automatically. In this, you don't require to manually select the background to separate. work as a face detector, it detects the face of a person and removes all the unnecessary things except the person body.

 In other words, we can easily say that its the example of how machine learning word, just detect and do automatically 

If you are a photographer or video editor, that website is get to provide benefits for you. Don't need a software like photoshop for remove background.
Apart from this, similar tools include and


If your typing speed in good or you hate typing, so this site provides the best solution for your problem. speech to text writer free online service, where you can free way to speak out loud and have it type.
With Dictation, you can easily write emails, letters or long documents blog post and much more, just speak out loud and have it type. Without touching the keyboard
For best user experience, just connect your microphone or mike to your computer, it's necessary for outstanding speech quality. has an inbuilt speech recognition engine Google chrome to transform your speech into digital text.
The most interesting feature of is, you can speak any language, what you like? its detect your voice and transform into digital text. It is possible because of the chrome engine built-in extension.


Important of resume, we all know, especially for those people, who are searching for a job. In your life, when you want a resume, you hired someone to make an eye-catching resume, and you paid for it. but 
After knowing the benefit of resume maker. online, you easily edit your resume within a minute.
The online resume maker makes it a little bit easier, use a customizable resume template to create a resume for your job, that will grab the attention of employees.

First, pick a template according to your field or niche. After this make an eye-catching resume with visualizing your experience and finally finalize your resume design with the use of icons and images. It makes your resume more visually engaging.

You can easily save it in pdf format or word format. You can download your resume in high-quality PNG or PDF format. If you want to share it on social media, has a feature to share your resume on social media, just a couple of clicks directly from the resume maker.


W3schools is a website for web learning technologies online. It's useful for a learning programming language with practical. On its high amount of tutorial available to gain knowledge. It includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, XQuery, jQuery, XML, JAVA and much more. W3schools is optimized for learning, testing, and training.

W3schools has structured tutorials that offer a decent learning experience. It provides a thousand of code examples for learning online web technologies.

6. Grammarly 

This is a free tool that you can use to write your blog post or any type of content, It is helpful for finding out unnecessary words or errors from your content. and provide a spelling checking feature.  Mostly the writer uses it to make their content error free. 
If you want more features of it, you can easily go to premium members, but for a normal lifestyle, its free version enough for us.

With the help of and Grammarly, you write wonderful content within a minutes. 
Try it for great success in your life.


I hope you like this 6 websites,  its one of the most interesting website list on the internet, these sites provide benefit for all the people like the student, programmer, photo editor, content writer etc. 
All website are made for the educational purpose or gaining good knowledge, we should try this type of websites.

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