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If you don't know about Google lightweight Browser app for Android device read this article. 
Here you know " 

" Importance features, it's benefits and lots more. 

Google Go  | Go App features | Google Go apk

Google Go Apk

Google Go was designed for Android Go devices, It's very useful for that region where connection speed is not good Or unreliable. It takes only 7 MB space of our Android device. Form this app you are able to surf the internet even in the areas where connectivity isn't good. 


A year and a half after it had an introduced in India and Indonesia. Finally, the lite search app is now available worldwide. So the good news is that " Google Go app"  Is now available worldwide. This lightweight search app is available now on the Play store. And Google Chief executive officer Sundar Pichai wrote in a tweet "it will run on any Android device running Android version 5.0 Lollipop or above. 

Google Go Apk Special Features. 

Here we show the special features, which make this lightweight awesome as compared to another search app. 

  •  Google Go is a lighter as well as a faster app. From this app, you can optimize to save up to 40% data during surfing on the internet...
  •  you get faster and reliable result on this lightweight Google Apk. Even on low connection and smartphone with low spaces.
  • At 7mb in size, this feature makes it more useful from this it's fast to download and saves space on your phone.
  •  As like Google Chrome App, It's able to remember your surfing result, when you are not online due to connection drops. 
  •  Google added lens functionality into  Go apk. From this, you can search and translate with your camera. See a word, you don't understand on a sign, word or product? From the Google lens. Just open your camera and point your camera to translate or search for it. 

  •  The app also has voice search features. This feature saves time by tapping. Apart from this, it's able to read text from the real world out loud with the highlighted word. 

  •  like other Apps, Easily and quickly access your favorite sites, movies, images, news, information and things and much more, all this possible on Google lightweight app. 

Google Go app introduces Go- branded apps that Google produces with emerging markets in mind. In this app, you will experience the tool Gmail-Go, 
Gmail Go comes with a slimmed-down email experience. 
Gallery Go, in this you can easily or faster manage or organize your photos and apart from this Google Produces Android Go. It's also a slimmed-down version of It's an operating system for low powered devices. 


This app has made to solve our basic problem like low connection during surfing on the internet. Google always want to make our customer happy that's why they try to introduce a new product on the market. Google Go app also one of them. I think we should try this app to know about more about this app, apart from this Google Also introduces Gmail Go, Gallery Go, and Android Go. These Types of Product make our Surfing much easier, So I think we should use it.

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